Review of Food Fraud Vulnerabilities within the Global Meat Sector
(Credit to Roger Anderton, UCLan MSc graduate)

Food Fraud Prevention and Management is an online CPD course for food industry and food supply chain professionals to manage and prevent fraud.

Food fraud is the intentional modification of food product for financial gain or with the intention of deceiving the consumer. Food fraud costs the UK food and drink firms £11.2 billion a year. The lengthening of food supply chains and increased industrialisation of food businesses have created the opportunity to practice food fraud on a massive and international scale. It is crucial that food industry is equipped with the know-how to detect, deter and prevent fraud in the supply chain.

Course content includes:

  • Understanding of food fraud and food fraud risks
  • Inside the mind of a fraudster
  • Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment
  • Designing countermeasures for mitigation of food fraud
  • Learning activities and case studies
  • Multiple choice test

The course is based on flexible, self-directed learning. The average duration is 4 weeks with weekly study of 3 hours.

The course is designed for anyone involved in managing and preventing food fraud. This includes food safety, quality and technical managers, regulatory compliance officers, auditors and professionals working in food supply chain.

Online access to modules.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

No, just an interest in food fraud and basic understanding of the food supply chain would be helpful.

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