1.1 Mapping of Generic Supply Chain​

A Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment (FFVA) is the process that reviews and assesses factors that create vulnerabilities in a supply chain, where vulnerabilities can be described as weak points where food fraud is more likely to occur. Hence, food industry, as part of their FFVA process, needs to to identify the individual food materials and products that they procure, supply and/or produce that fall into the category of foods vulnerable to food fraud. The assessment also requires the collection and evaluation of information on potential food fraud risk factors associated with the products, processes and people employed within the business. Furthermore, the wider context of food supply chain vulnerability i.e. weak areas or hotspots that are vulnerable to food fraud at specific stages in food supply chains or networks should also be assessed. Figures 1 – 3 show the generic mapping of various food supply chains. What are the vulnerabilities associated with each stage? Click on each stage to reveal the answer.