3.2 Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment Template - Initial Screening (SafetyCulture, 2019a)

Go to iAuditor (https://safetyculture.com/iauditor/) to register and build your own vulnerability assessment checklist. The following are examples of a food fraud vulnerability assessment starting from:

  • initial screening
  • determination of likelihood of food fraud
  • impact of food fraud


Initial screeningType of response
Product / Ingredient / Raw material?State your product / ingredient raw material
Use of this itemInsert answer here


Likelihood of food fraudResponses
Is this material implicated in previous incidences of food fraud? For example: Yes, many incidents
Have there been alerts or news about food fraud for this material?Yes / No
Are there any other features that make it particularly susceptible to fraud?Yes / No
Pre-screening likelihood of fraud – Assessor’s ratingRelatively likely / relatively unlikely


Impact of food fraudResponses
Would food fraud in this food give rise to health hazards? Yes / No / Potentially (provide details)
Would food fraud in this food have financial impacts on this business?Yes / No / Potentially (provide details)
Are there any other significant impacts that could arise from food fraud in this food?Yes / No / Potentially (provide details)
Pre-screening consequences (impact) - Assessor's rating:Severe, less severe, medium, minimal, negligible