4.2 Where should I look for food fraud information?

You’ve explored RASFF and FAIR. Now let’s explore other sites. Try the following:

  • Decernis Food Fraud Database (https://decernis.com/solutions/food-fraud-database/) (Note for Decernis: Decernis Food Fraud Database was previously known as US Pharmacopoeia [USP] Food Fraud Mitigation Database. The Decernis database is a paid subscription e.g.  Annual subscription for a 1 year license is US$1200)

Review Table 3 to explore the various databases that could be used in a food fraud vulnerability assessment. Which database(s) are you currently using or would consider using? Why did / would you choose your selected database?

Table 3. Comparison of databases that provide information that can be used in a food fraud vulnerability assessment

NameAccessibilityOpenness Maturity LevelPurposeFunctionalitySource of dataDownloading of dataFFVA Capacity
RASFF SystemFree to accessLeadersCompetent authority information exchange forumSearchable with classificationsPurposive, random or reactive, sampling from regulatory samplingFree to downloadDatabase only no additional vulnerability assessment tool
Food Fraud Risk Information
Free to access top level data – pay to view databaseFollowersInformation exchange forumCategorised into lists by product type or time period. Ability to subscribe to a list or an individual cardOn-line news items and alertsData lists are accessible but pay to download a historic database on a spreadsheetDatabase with a risk rating (high, medium, low) risk assessment criteria not shown. No additional vulnerability assessment tool
Decernis Food Fraud DatabasePay to access
Annual subscription or 30 day subscription
BeginnersDatabase to enable FFVACategorised by ingredients with search capabilities and analyticsScientific articles, media, regulatory and judicial reports and food industry and trade associationsNo free dataDatabase and associated FFVA capability within the tool
Food Adulteration Incident Registry (FAIR)Pay to access annual subscription Information over five years old is freeFollowersIncident databaseCategorised by incident Publically available dataData over five years old is freely accessibleDatabase and associated with FOODSHIELD a collaborative platform and the Intentional Adulteration Assessment Tool (IAAT) for food defence
Food Integrity Network (FIN)Subscription based on personal credentials – Stakeholder or expert Horizonscan is a subscription only serviceBeginnersIncident databaseCategorised by incident Suspected and actual incidents of adulterationNo free dataDatabase and knowledge network – linked to Horizon Scan. No FFVA capability
MedISys-FFOpen accessLeadersEuropean Commission databaseCategorised by type of disease, food safety hazard or threatPublically available media informationFreely availableDatabase. No FFVA capability
The US FDA Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts DatabaseOpen accessLeadersRegulators database of issued alertsCategorised by recall type by commodity e.g. food, cosmetics etcRegulatory data. Publically available databaseFreely availableDatabase of alerts that is searchable. Older data is archived but available. No FFVA capability
UKFSS DatabasePrivate databaseNoneIncident and sampling databasePrivate systemRegulatory samplingNo freely available dataDatabase. No FFVA capability
Private laboratory databasesPrivate databasesNoneSampling databasesPrivate systemMarket sampling systemsNo freely available dataDatabase. No FFVA capability